16 April 2007

One-stop shopping

Sorry I been so quiet. Took a personal day Friday. Jenn and I went to Atlanta after work Thursday to watch the Thrashers play. Stayed the night and saw the Georgia Aquarium Friday before winding home.

I mean really winding home. We took U.S. 29 to Newnan, then Alt-27 from there. We had time, so it was nice to change the drive and see some small towns. The best was Palmetto, Ga., where someone is building an old-folks' home -- no lie -- in front of a big cemetery.

We laughed and laughed. In that way that you laugh and laugh when Vinnie Vega accidentally shoots that kid in the backseat in the head, when Jules hits a bump.

(I'll post some Aquarium pix later, if'n y'all wanna see the beluga whales and such.)


TybeeDawg said...

Riding the backroads can be a lot of fun. One of the things I like about geocaching (I liked the history hunting article the other day, btw) is that it takes you places you might not normally go.

And just to keep all my posts DBT-related, the first time we went to the Aquarium was the day after seeing the Truckers at the Tabernacle.

Brad Barnes said...

Glad to see Neff's back. He doesn't really fit the rock star mold, but that seems appropriate to the Truckers, somehow. I think I've seen them exactly as often with (a) The Devil, (b) Neff and (c) Isbell. But I'll be curious to see Neff and Shonna on the same stage. I wonder if he'll swig from her whiskey bottle.

TybeeDawg said...

He's a helluva player, that's for sure. (Barbara Cue, the Chasers and the Star Room Boys)

The last time I saw Patterson solo (which included Neff and Brad Morgan on drums so it's more like a couple members of DBT were missing), Neff tore it up. Looking forward to the Dirt Underneath shows soon in Athens.