26 April 2007

"One-thousand years ago..."

Through Monday, the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" movie -- or, more properly, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters" -- had made $4.8 million in theaters. That's almost where it's total will finish, if Columbus is a cue. The movie leaves first-run here tonight.

I went with four friends last night. Our five people, plus the whole rest of the audience made a grand total of six people.

Not really sure why it's tanked, unless "Aqua Teen" fans can't put down their blunts long enough to find the car keys, rustle through the paper for a showtime and try to remember how to get to Carmike 15 before saying, "screw it," and just lighting back up and watching the episodes on TV. The movie's not bad. The opening 15 minutes are hilarious. I would say the whole thing is actually good by the TV show's standards. It's really funny in places, really flat in others, just like the show what spawned it.

Thankfully, the movie's budget was estimated at a bargain-basement $750,000. Still, that backfired Boston-bomb-scare marketing campaign cost the Cartoon Network $2 million. So it looks like this will go down as a box-office bomb.

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