09 April 2007

The other special bunny

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. In homage to the season's more famous bunny, I popped in my DVDs of "Greg the Bunny" and watched a couple episodes. It was a short-lived show on Fox (they made 13 of them, but only aired 11) that had a twisted sense of humor. Seth Green, Sarah Silverman and Gene Levy were all a part of it, if that tells you anything about the sense of humor. It was basically a behind-the-scenes look at a children's puppet show, where the puppets were real (and mostly foul-mouthed). The writing was uneven, but it had many funny moments.

The title song:

"We can sing and dance, and we don't wear pants. We're just like you.
We've got regular jobs, but with low doorknobs. See, we're just like you.
We can graduate from college. (I'm the head of my class!)
But if you test sobriety (I may not pass).
There's no strings attached and there's no hand up my (BLEEP). We're just like you."

I think they're airing some of his bits on IFC now. But the season DVDs are worth checking out if you happen to find them anywhere. Today it's off to the grocery to get some staples and some half-price jellybeans. I promise the next post won't be rabbit-related.

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