06 April 2007

"Put the bunny back in the box"

For the morbidly curious, I make my Ledger-Enquirer webcast debut today. Though you might have trouble spotting me. You can't tell from my mugshot, but I've got really big ears. Just go to http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/ and click on the April 6 webcast.

Enjoy. (?)


Bandit's mom said...

I'd love to watch, but i can't get that video thing to work. It will halfway load and keep starting over again. Crime watch is scintillating, but once through is way plenty. Could be a Mac thing, but I had the same problem on my work PC. Finally quit trying...but i'm sure you are a very Biiiiiig Rabbit, in the Monty Python tradition.

Allison Kennedy said...

The rabbit was awesome. ... You know the book The Velveteen Rabbit? A clergyman has a blog called the Velveteen Rabbi.

Brad Barnes said...

Velveteen rabbi. Awesome. ... Re: video troubles. yeah, probably a Mac thing. I just download the Quicktime version at home, but it's a huge file. Like 70 megs. But I'm keeping this one for posterity.

eileen said...

like, i haven't watched any video and in fact i may not bother (tho NOW i have th' 'puter back from th' shop an' it may jus' do whut iss'up''posed'ta....but ah jus GOTS ta input that mah almos' all'time'fave book (alMOS... ah ain' makin' th' list, heah?)
includes, way near the top, the velveteen rabbit.


'm off th'soapbox now. swimmin in a sea of salt and water.