19 April 2007


OK, I bought a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup yesterday. Jenn would've yelled at me if she'd known. But she didn't.

Instead, the damn candy bar yells at me. Inside the wrapper, there was some writing -- some sort of eBay promotion, but also this little gem of wisdom:

Stupid candy bar. Thinks it's so smart.

(Oh, you're welcome for the free 2 points in WrapperCash, whatever that is.)


bandit's mom said...

ok. i waited all day and no one commented.

What possible liability issue could create the need for someone to put that warning on a Reese's Cup? Were people OD-ing and flooding emergency rooms?

TybeeDawg said...

Sounds to me like they're horning in on the fortune cookie business.

I had a Snickers today that said "you are bound for bigger things."

not the wrapper, the actual Snickers bar.

TybeeDawg said...

I hate talking chocolate.

Brad Barnes said...

first thing i thought when i read it, too, was "lawsuit." from a fat guy. which would make it a fatsuit, i guess?

my dandruff shampoo has a cancer warning, so i googled it, and apparently the "coal/tar" solution causes cancer, in doses that are like 20 times what's in the shampoo. but some bonehead in california sued them, so they have to put the warning on there.

(some of my best friends are lawyers. or will be once they pass the bar.)

Allison Kennedy said...

Yeah. Reminds me of the new warning labels at drive thru's (especially McDonald's, after that huge suit): Coffee is very hot. ...

eileen said...

'once they pass the bar'... is that the bar that serves the 'three martini lunch' (graham parker)?


i love your posts. i have no labels to laugh at but i know there are a zillion out there.

TybeeDawg said...

My favorite is a CD case I bought at Big Lots -- the label says "unit automatically becomes portable when carried."

Brad Barnes said...

That's better than my old favorite: The chopsticks instructions that say, "Now you can pick up anything!" at the end. I'm like, reallllly...?