30 April 2007

"Spider-Man, where are you comin' from...

... Spider-Man, nobody knows who you are."

Hey, you guys. Who remembers that little ditty, from "The Electric Company"? Anyways, here's what's promised in Tuesday's column (sneaky, omniscient little buggers). It's in honor of the announcement that Bono and The Edge will be scoring "Spider-Man: The Musical," or whatever, for Broadway. It seems a little strange to me, seeing as how they wrote that song "The Fly" and all. We know how well spiders and flies get along.

In any case, here's the song, to be sung to the tune of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (complete with martial drumbeat, if your imagination can keep it looping whilst you sing):

I can't believe the news today.
M.J. left me and Green Goblin got away.
How long? How long must I swing through town?
How long? How loooooooooong?

But tonight, I can save the world

Bottles broken over Doc Ock's head
If his arms grab me, then surely I'm dead
Yet I must head the battle call
Spidey suction
Keeps me falling off the wall

Spidey, super Spidey
Spidey, super Spidey
Spidey, super Spidey (Spidey, super Spidey)

And the battle's just begun
Aunt May's lost, and I'm under the gun
The Sandman's on a big crime spree
The Daily Bugle wants some pictures of me

Wipe that grin from your face
Bad guys have no escape
No getaway without a trace
'Cause I'm giving you a taste
Of my web's embrace

What's that tingling I feel?
My Spidey sense helping keep it real
And today the millions pray
That my strong web will again save the day
The real battle yet begun
To meet with M.J. for some fun

On, Spidey's super Sunday
Spidey's super Sunday


notjenn said...

Sacrilege, bloody sacrilege! My people will get you for this!

Brad Barnes said...

Is that you, Green Goblin?