02 April 2007

What's meat got to do (got to do) with it?

When I first started seeing this girl, I had to make a tough decision: How important was meat to me, exactly?

See, I love the beefs, but she was a vegetarian.

Then I googled some veggie-saurus recipes (back in the day before "google" was a verb). The first meal I cooked for her was a pizza topped with pesto sauce, scallops and artichoke hearts. Feh. I can eat a lot less meat, I decided.

I married that girl two years ago. Two years ago to the day, in fact. And tonight I think I'm gonna cook that same pizza for us, and crack open a nice bottle of wine.

Got a vegetarian you're trying to woo? Here's the recipe. Many thanks to the Original Fish Company. I sub a Pilsbury pizza crust can for the Boboli prepared one, but whatever. Don't skimp on the fresh parm, either.

(Happy anniversary, Jenn.)


Allison Kennedy said...

Congrats! And also to the bride! Enjoy suppa.

bandit&maggie said...


...and you've always got a steak at our house when you just need a beef fix.

Anonymous said...


bradbaby, you gots brothers???

Brad Barnes said...

Oh, you don't want any part of this bloodline.