24 May 2007

Is that a drumstick in your pocket?

Uh, yeah. Apparently it was just a drumstick. At least for a while. This is from a health brief in the paper:

Dr. William Harper, a Columbus urologist, will present a free seminar about erectile dysfunction June 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Hilton Garden Inn, off Bradley Park Drive West in Brookstone Centre. Treatment options, ranging from new medications to the latest penile implants, will be discussed. Dennis Holt, former drummer of the rock band Kansas, will share his story of successfully treating the problem. To register, call 1-877-433-2873. For more information about the seminar, call 706-243-3734.

All we can offer for advice is, carry on, my wayward son.

A urology expert probes the Kansas drummer's trouble area
in this undated file photo.


Anonymous said...

maybe he would be better with some kind of testimonial from a chicken salesman from purdue or tyson... if we're talkin drumsticks...wait, maybe TURKEY drumstick. yeah, that's it.

cath said...

I think I just woke the baby laughing hysterically. Or maybe it was pounding my fist on the ground while rolling around screaming with uncontrollable hilarity. THIS IN COLUMBUS? Thanks Brad, I definitely needed something this ludicrious --

You and J. need to come see the baby soon -- we can't have wine,though. I'm a total lightweight now.

Brad Barnes said...

Yes, all I've seen is the foot. I want to see the whole critter!

Shannon said...

"So there I was on the road unable to enjoy groupies...I saw Bob Dole on TV and thought 'Maybe I have ED'...sure enough, that's what it was! Thanks to the good doctor here, I'm no longer flopping about like dust in the wind!"

Brad Barnes said...

Hah. Good one, Shannon. How about: There'll be a piece when you are done.

Anonymous said...

Hey cath...you f...ing idiot! Surprised you were even man enough to father a baby. Moreover, I am shocked any woman would actually spread her legs for you. With dumbass posts like that, I can't imagine any woman finding you mature enough to associate with. Hey cath, is that short for catheter?? By the way, you might just want to be careful dude, bad KARMA. Making fun of people who have prostate cancer (something they cannot help or control-just bad luck) might come back to bite you. Even your insensitive post doesn't make me wish that on you. I work to support people who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction as a result of having prostate cancer. The pain they feel will break your heart. Hope it doesn't happen to you or one of your loved ones. It sucks big time.