02 May 2007

The news from Lake, uhh, Harding

"Wouldn't you love it," says my buddy Mick, "if that had been his monologue Saturday night."

He's talking about this article, by Garrison Keillor, which appeared on Salon.com. It is interesting how he kind of boxed up these feelings for the radio crowd. And when did he have time to write this? How does the man write so much, with so much insight?

His Saturday show from Columbus, by the way, is up on the "PHC" Web site, streaming in full. We owe the man a tremendous thank-you for how he represented us to his 5 million listeners throughout the world.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful show. I don't know that what he said for Salon took away from anything he said Saturday, but the subject of the war is such a touchy subject--particularly in a military town. I'm sure he is proud of the job the soldiers are doing, but laments the policy and the people who got us in in the first place. Despite what some say, You can be against the war and FOR the troops.

Brad Barnes said...

Liberals and everyone who's anti-war throughout our fair city are dealing with that. But I've had soldiers tell me that that's bullshit -- can't love the soldier but hate the war. I think that's close-minded, but I also think that line of reasoning might be part and parcel to how the Army has to operate.

Anyway, a lot of folks around the paper were shocked that after Sunday's feel-good fest, he would stir up some of the dark and sad history of the town. But cities are a reflection of human nature, and human nature is nothing if not contradictory.