07 May 2007

Well what about the durn movie, Barnes?

Despite lukewarm reviews, I liked "Spider-Man 3." Counting "2" as the high-water mark, I'd put this one on par with or just a shave below the first movie. And there's a great emotional payoff in the third act.

The good: Visual effects are absolutely stunning and, gasp, believable. (Yes, a man made of sand looks real. And so does the Goblin's new glider.)

The bad: It was too long, and there were maybe too many plotlines going on at once. Paring it down by 20 minutes might have meant losing a major character, but so be it. I'd vote for Bryce Dallas Howard's to get the hook. She's a hottie, sure, but she's the most expendable, but the word is they're setting her up for a bigger role in a fourth film (which, judging by the grosses, is a given now).

When a friend asked what I thought of the movie, I asked him if he liked the third X-Men movie. He said yeah. I said, you'll like this one. It's the equivalent drop from its fine predecessors.

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