29 June 2007

But he could afford the $10 plan...

Gotta say, the iPhone looks pretty schweet. But I still won't be spending my six-hundred-dollars-up-front-plus-sixty-dollar-a-month on one. Here's a piece I wrote for today's Ledger-Enquirer.

In honor of Apple's phone launch, the cynics at eMusic have offered Apple CEO Steve Jobs a free lifetime subscription to their download service, which offers restriction-free downloads on music from slews of independent artists -- including some of the biggies like Arcade Fire and pre-major-label Modest Mouse. And the new Paul McCartney. Anyway, it's a great deal for folks whose taste is slightly left o' center. And you can use the songs in any media player (including iPods, Steve), burn them to an audio CD or whatever you like. Best of all, you don't have to to use the horrendous resource hog that is iTunes (unless you're transferring them to an iPod).

"We know Steve Jobs loves music, so for his new iPhone we thought he might want something a little different from the Top 40 fare that iTunes focuses on,” said David Pakman, eMusic President and CEO in a press release.

I love eMusic mostly because I get 40 MP3 downloads a month for $10. But they've raised the rates for newbies, who only get 30 (*only*) for $10 now. Now I also love them because their president's name comes from Namco.

"I've got a callus on my finger
and my shoulder's hurting too
I'm gonna eat them all up
just as soon as they turn blue"
-- Buckner & Garcia, "Pac-Man Fever"

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