26 June 2007

Popping 'Z' question

OK, so if you're going to spell out the letter Z, it's officially "z-e-e." That's three letters, including the letter you're actually trying to spell.

So you already have to know the letter to be able to spell it (or look it up in the dictionary, for instance). Which raises the million-dollar question: Outside of Scrabble games, why would anyone spell "Z" instead of just using the letter? Seems like you'd be tripling your productivity to me.

Anyone? Anyone? Linda?


t-h-e-q-u-e-e-n said...

what means this "outside scrabble"?

Bandit said...

Or I hear our French neighbor say: "Zee dogs are barking at me from the porch."

(of course, she shouldn't call anyone a dog or wonder why I'm barking.)

Brad Barnes said...

What, the queen is not pleased?

Jonathan said...

let us not forget, that in most english speaking countries... it is spelled:


which, of course, would be useful in an intense scrabble "match".