24 June 2007

Sunday spins (aka 'Sun Comes Up, It's Sunday Morning')

Haven't posted my Sunday spins in a while, so I thought I'd resuscitate that. To quickly review, Sunday is the day for sleeping in and loading up the five-disc changer with old CDs that haven't been played in way too long. Here's what I put in today:

* Liz Phair, "whitechocolate- spaceegg." Because she didn't always suck. This was back, just after the time she wanted to be our BJ queen. "Polyester Bride" is a great, silly song.

* Steve Earle, "El Corazon." Of all of Steve Earle's great albums, this one's got the best rockers. "Taneytown" and "Here I Am," for example. And "N.Y.C." -- wherein he belts, "Goin', goin', goin' to New York City. Never really been there, I just like the way it sounds" -- which makes my list of 10 best songs ever.

* Cowboy Junkies, "The Caution Horses." I usually pick the Junkies' "Black Eyed Man," or "Lay It Down." But this is a great CD too.

* Irving, "Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers." Great, eclectic indie pop in the spirit of the Elephant 6 Collective bands.

* Freeloader, "Custom/10." Picked up this disc when these New York rockers happened through The Loft a few years ago. It's got a great "A.M."-era Wilco vibe to it. I need to check out their 2005 sophomore disc...

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Brad Barnes said...

Spellcheck is fundamental. Duh. Fixed the two glaring errors. Thanks for not pointing them out, folks (whether through kindness or being equally bad with the spellink).