28 July 2007

Don't know when I'll be back again

OK, seems I lied about not posting. Seems Internet access is a lot more prevalent than I anticipated over here. ... I don't even know what time it is now stateside. But it's 7:35 a.m. in Bangkok, where I'm spending the next few days. So I guess I'll keep posting as time permits

We left Georgia at 7 p.m. Friday night. Flew to L.A., then hopped a 17-hour flight to here. Next stop, Siem Reap, Cambodia, which is our final destination. Haven't slept more than 90 minutes -- over the course of three attempts -- since Thursday night. Looking forward to passing out in a hotel.

The Bangkok airport is unreal, by the way. Groovy architecture. Brand new facility. And we're sitting in the boutique airline's luxury lounge right now, enjoying a milkshaky Thai tea that's the color of Tang.

That's all I got until we sleep. Oh, Jenn and I are traveling with old buds E and Meg. E's going to be blogging and posting photos regularly on his site, which is here. You might see pictures of us up there. (Oh boy!) We'll look like hell, most probably.


Bandit&Maggie said...

We hear they have dog dishes there, but mom says that does not mean there are lots of places for dogs to eat. We're confused.

Allison Kennedy said...

And, as Maggie and Bandit chided me, What the heck are you doing posting on vacation??
Have fun--and tell the Cambodians we said HEY.

Anonymous said...

Don't get in no Russian Roluette tournaments ya hear me boy.

Bandit said...

You MUST start blogging again: The Weekly World News is ceasing publication and mom's going nuts!!

Anonymous said...

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