13 July 2007

Happy (?) Friday the 13th

Halloween's better of course, but Friday the 13ths are awfully cool, too.

I wish we had a year-long haunted house attraction somewhere nearby to go walk through. Gatlinburg might still have one running, I don't know. But Chattanooga's Ruby Falls has chosen today to release the opening dates for its Haunted Cavern attraction. In the past, the cave has been turned into a creepy genetic testing facility, a forest populated by werewolves and a playground for Civil War zombies -- where Johnny just keeps marching and marching home, I fear.

The Haunted Cavern will open Sept. 28, so plan your trip now. It's not recommended for anyone under age 10.

1 comment:

scaredypants said...

confucius says: he who offers tips to haunted-house-cast-members on how to scare beloved wife will never get her in a spooked-out cavern.