10 July 2007

Moore to the story?

I have a love-hate relationship with Michael Moore. Philosophically, I often agree with him. But I can't stand belligerence, and even his best-selling books sometimes sound like a very long letter-to-the-editor kind of rant.

No thank you.

But I can't understand hating someone so much that you automatically assume that everything he says is grounds for attack. Hell, even Rush Limbaugh is right sometimes. Which brings me to MooreWatch.

So I saw "Sicko" over the weekend, which is Moore's doc against HMOs and for free government-sponsored health care. I thought it was very good -- which puts me at odds with the New Yorker, but still. Probably the most exploitative piece in the film is where Moore says he gave $12,000 to one of the folks running hate-Michael-Moore Web site MooreWatch.com when he read they were faced with shutting down the site to pay for medical expenses for the guy's wife. Moore says he made the gift so that the guy would have the ability to exercise his free speech (about hating Michael Moore) and pay for his wife's medicine. But I'm curious, and dubious, about whether or not he'd have made the gift if he couldn't have used the vignette in his film.

Anyway, now the no-Moore Web site is going as strong, belligerent and close-minded as ever. Ain't democracy great?

(By the way, I've got a buddy who's running for Congress on a free-health-care platform. And for good reason. He's a productive worker who happens to be a quadriplegic, and he's facing the reality of having to quit his job since he's reaching the cap on his health care. Ridiculous, eh? Here's his MySpace page, if'n you're curious to read more.)


gspence said...

thanks for posting this. I thought that bit about the 12k check was really self-indulgent. But I like the movie. And now I want to gets me some Cuban teeth!

Brad Barnes said...

glad i'm not the only one. i mean about the $12,000. you can have the teeth. american dentists are painful enough.