24 July 2007

More-onic moment of the month

Despite a rather feeble issue of Seventeen this month, the cover was promising. There was a tease that said, "Are you sure you're still a virgin?" But that turned out to be an innocuous poll about what kids felt constituted virginity.

The nearly overlooked quasi-moronic moment is in an Internet link for kids who want to learn more. They're encouraged to visit sexetc.org. Well, a certain unnamed coworker, wanting to learn more, accidentally visited sexetc.com. Turns out, that domain is a porn site. Ooops!

Really, it's not that big of a deal, I guess. Going to sexetc.org, they can learn important things from the FAQs, such as "How do you give oral sex?" and "How do gay people have sex?" Going to sexetc.com, they can see videos demonstrating these things (and more!). Brog favorite: A cover story on sexetc.org that's titled "The Fate of the World Is in Your Hands... and Your Pants."

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