15 July 2007

Sunday Spins (Rhythm of a Bird's Happiness)

This week's Sunday Spins (wherein I throw five old CDs into the changer, hit "shuffle") is pretty heavily weighted with comfort food, but there are a couple of screwballs thrown in the mix. Here's the lineup:

* Lisa Germano, "Happiness": It's hard to imagine this space cadet was fiddle player for John Mellencamp. Trippy music. Sultry, breathy, little girl voice. This album's from '94, and, for good or ill, it taught me the meaning of the word "sycophant."

* Andrew Bird, "Weather Systems": We discovered Bird -- part singer/songwriter, part warbling whistler -- at Bonnaroo 2006. Phenomenal performer who'll play his own background track on a loop machine, then build layers and layers to the sound. His voice reminds me of Rufus Wainwright's.

* Mark Olson and the Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers, "My Own Jo Ellen": Olson founded The Jayhawks with Gary Louris but left the group after the "Tomorrow the Green Grass" album. He's also married to Victoria Williams, and the two of them formed the Creekdippers for a string of quickly released lazy countryish records. This is their best one.

* The Talk, "It's Like Magic in Reverse": I still hope for great things from this Charlotte band. It's punk-flavored rock, with a subtle undercurrent of the Beatles, '50s rock and (Jenn says) The Clash. Twelve tracks in a brisk 30 minutes. Good stuff. Bright Eyes' Mike Mogis produced it, and you used to be able to get it free at their Web site (which was http://www.the-talk.com/), but the site appears down these days.

* Paul Simon, "The Rhythm of the Saints": Jenn's pick, but a good one. Nice counterbalance to all the weird shit I threw in the mix.


bandit&maggie said...

we needed some good music this weekend to drown out all the cussing at our house. we're good dogs, but we shouldn't be subjected to all that.

it's been exciting, and it's always fun when grandma comes because she gives us lots of treats and berates mom and dad for leaving us on the porch. she also moves mom's pictures around on the walls.

dad bought a camera phone but can't figure out how to program it. mom and grandma painted the kitchen. it's green now, and we won't miss the mustard color. mom kept saying she was tired of looking at baby-shit colors. apparently something during vacation set her off about that.

we were stuck on the porch watching through the window during all the drama. bandit thinks we're out of treats. crap....hmmm. maybe we'll do that. bye.

Brad Barnes said...

I bet the mustard color hit a little too close to home for weiner dogs, eh?

maggie&bandit said...

Yep. We always get worried that when Mom calls Maggie a brat, she means we'll all be Bratwurst if we don't stay out of the cat food.

TybeeDawg said...

Rhytmn of the Saints is actually a pretty undervalued record. I should pull that one back out, tell Jenn thanks for the idea!