22 July 2007

Sunday Spins

Jenn picked the mix again this week, as I've been busy scraping at least 31 layers of paint off the door to the bathroom that we're in the middle of renovating. As usual, she did a fantastic job. In the mix:

* Ben Folds, "The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner": My favorite record of his, with lots of Ennio-Morricone-style layers of sound. I interviewed Folds about a year ago, and he said that he thought this record was his "Pinkerton." I hope the fans and critics do come around like they did for the Weez.

* Ray Charles, disc 2 of a 3-disc set I can't recall the name of: I think she picked this one because it's got "Night and Day," which most people know as the song that Rudy Huxtable lip-synched the counterpoint to in the closing minute of a "Cosby Show" ep.

* Thom Yorke, "The Eraser": I was largely disappointed in this record, but the CD shuffle might be the perfect use for it. It's pretty, but none of the songs stand out like a kick-ass Radiohead track.

* Ani DiFranco, "Knuckle Down": Ask Jenn about this one. She's the Ani fan. I like her fine, but she's a bit too, um, jazzy for me to listen to too much.

* Okkervil River, "Don't Fall in Love With Everyone You See": Yeah, I'm Okkervil's bitch. But so's Jenn. It helps make the marriage work. I discovered them by downloading an early version of "The Velocity of Saul at the Time of His Conversion" when I was researching some bands before covering SxSW 2000. Proud to say I bought this -- their first proper album -- when it came out, before the band was hyped. But it's not too late for you. Go buy their new one, "The Stage Names," when it comes out on Aug. 7. Then go back and buy everything else.


TybeeDawg said...

I listened to icebergradio.com most of the day...the alt-country channel didn't grab me consistently, but the "vinyl FM" one had lots of great stuff like Curtis Mayfield, Skynyrd, Marley (both Bob and Rita), Renaissance, and personal favorites Godley and Creme.

Brad Barnes said...

godley and creme. good god, man. there's an act i haven't thought of since the '80s. ah, to be back in the days when we dreamed of rocket packs to get to work... instead i drive a '50s-style scooter. whodda thunk it. so many sentimental memories make me want to (dare i say it?) cry.