19 August 2007

Bourne again and Sunday Spins

We went to see "The Bourne Ultimatum" yesterday. It gave me a headache. I loved it.

I'll kick back up the Dirty Harry Potter analysis in a day or two, so await that with bated breath, perverts. (Here's the last installment if you need to brush up.)

Sunday Spins come from Jenn this week. I might put her in charge of this permanently, since she's done a grand job. Here's the album list:

*T Bone Burnett, "The True False Identity": This album, by Bob Dylan's former guitarist ("Blood on the Tracks" era) and a producer extraordinaire, is hard to even call "music." It's a fearsome collection of anger, delivered with a tin, staccato voice overtop rumbling percussion tracks and bluesy guitar riffs. It's fantastic.

*Radiohead, "Amnesiac": I know I'm in the minority, but this record and "Kid A" are my least favorite R'head albums (outside of "Pablo Honey," which shouldn't count). But "Amnesiac's" closer, "Life in a Glasshouse," is one of their finest songs ever.

*Brazzaville, "Welcome to Brazzaville": If world music were muzzled and forced to play in a pop-rock dog park, you'd get this record. It's actually a best-of from the band's first three albums but the first thing I ever heard by them.

*Shirantha Beddage, "Roots and Branches": Great old-school jazz from a new transplant to Columbus. Charlie Parker/Miles Davis fans ought to check out this baritone sax man.

*Sam Phillips, "A Boot and a Shoe": She was supposed to be the alterna-chick of the early 1990s but never really found a big audience. She almost quit the biz, but thankfully didn't. In 2004, she released this, her masterpiece. It's alt-rock parlor music. Shame no one's listening. Go buy it. (She was also married to T Bone, above, for a long, long time.)


Maggie&Bandit said...

We are confused as to why there were no Cambodia references in today's blog.
We are also confused by your album choices. T-Bones are for chewing aren't they?

Brad Barnes said...

Well, guys, he does offer food ... for thought.