09 August 2007

Dah, snakes and wodka

We ventured into "town" for a dinner at The Snake House, which had gotten a favorable bit of text in the Lonely Planet guide of ours. It involved an overpriced tuk-tuk and a crazy driver who first took us to the base of a giant hill and pointed to the top of the steps. Three went up to scout it out and came back down. "Well, I got to the top, but it's the wrong restaurant," says Phil. "My mistake!" says the tuk-tuk driver. Yeah, right. Wonder what his commission would've been.

So we (all six of us) pile back into the tiny carriage, and he proceeds to steer us down the darkest, narrowest unlit roads I've ever seen, beside blocks and blocks of post-Apocalyptic abandoned buildings from which I just know lobsterheaded mutants are about to swarm.

But they don't, and we get to The Snake House. In the middle of dirt-poor hovels, it's this very strange oasis. Aquariums completely encircle a tiled, lushly decorated large dining room, and they're filled with every imaginable giant, deadly snake. They're even set below the glass of some of the tables. The menu is about half Cambodian and half Russian (I had the Chicken Kiev). There's an adjacent strip club -- The Snake Pit -- and a lovely three-story guest house on the premises. Two Hummers were in the driveway. Oh, and the beautiful serving staff outnumbered the patrons by about 3 to 1. We were the only non-Russian diners, and possibly the only non-Mafia members. All in all, if Slava, Boris and Lefty had approached our table, clad in fur caps, to escort us out -- or possibly talk us into a little "information exchange," we wouldn't have been surprised.

Good times.

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~annie across the street said...

So did they serve tres kez at this place? (That's Snakehead fish wrapped in coconut husk and smoked.)

Snacking on Snakehead fish and Chicken Kiev at The Snake House while observing snakes and wondering what's slithering around at the Snake Pit ... the only thing missing was Snake Vodka!

When you return, you can enjoy fried green tomatoes - on the vine : ) Its been so hot here, that in spite of watering and the late afternoon rain shower, the little tomato buds sizzled.

Have enjoyed the armchair view of your journey!