20 August 2007

Dude, it said *Bear* Garden

It's not really funny, I know, that a man was killed and half-eaten after jumping into a bear cage at the Belgrade Zoo. Amid the zoo's beer festival.

OK, I'm sorry. It is funny. And sad. Yet: "Only an idiot would jump into the bear cage," the zoo director told reporters. Here's the story.

After the incident, officials hastily scheduled a thorough cleanup effort on the grounds, including construction of a new ape habitat and careful monitoring of the crocodile swamp. But they decided to scrap the long-planned cleansing of the gene pool.

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also brad said...

Should've also mentioned my favorite "Daily Show" moment, where John Stewart tells about a woman who was mauled after reaching into a panda pen.

"Key word in panda bear: Bear," he said, deadpanning...