30 August 2007

Myers vs. Homer

Tried to go see the sneak preview of Rob Zombie's "Halloween" tonight, after the Ledger was invited by Carmike. They neglected to warn us that a certain local radio station had invited 700 of its closest friends, and I and 500 others didn't get in.

I've covered some of this turf before, so I won't dwell on the incompetence. Rather, I'll tell you about salvaging the evening, which was supposed to be date night anyway.

So I swung back by the house to get Jenn and go see "The Simpsons Movie." We squeaked in at the end of the previews, and then I repeatedly peed my pants. I think my favorite moment was when "President" Swarzenegger tells the EPA head "I was elected to lead, not read." Everyone else apparently's already seen this movie, as we had the place to ourselves. Wishing I'd bought the $3 copy I saw on the markets in Cambo now... Stupid pact. Thinks it's so smart.

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