14 August 2007

Reach down, between my legs...

... ease the seat back, to grab the Geritol bottle.

The buzz today is, of course, the re-confirmation of the Van Halen reformation with David Lee Roth. I'll save any more snarks about their ages (Eddie's 52. DLR is 51) and just offer this Harpers Index-style perspective.

*Number of years between "Van Halen," and "1984" (the last with Roth): 7

*Number of albums released in that span: 6

*Number of years since "1984": 23

Now, if you still feel like you must go -- and before you decide, I have to stress that young Wolfgang Van Halen is now the band's bassist -- the good news is that the tour starts in relatively nearby Charlotte, NC, on Sept. 27. There's no Atlanta date scheduled, suckas.


Maggie&Bandit said...

We like Van Halen, but we don't like David Lee Roth very much. He seemed to like to scream and wear clothing with animal prints. He's not going to look any better in them now than he did then.

Brad Barnes said...

Indeed, there came a day when his youth passed away.

angelynnt said...

Hold on to your shorts fellas....THEY'RE BACK! EVH and DLR are ripped with six pack abs, musically tight and throughtly on top of their game. Never better. Wolfie is a great addition to the band. Saw the show and was very impressed. DLR was entertaining but not too over the top. A Fabulous show!