26 August 2007

Sunday Spins

Spent all day yesterday scraping seven thick layers of paint off a door and door frame in the bathroom I'm remodeling. Today, it's the window and window frame. I'd like to find the person who spread a layer of oil-based paint overtop six layers of acrylic in this house and kick his/her derriere up between his/her shoulder blades. Speaking of shoulder blades, mine are killing me today...

So some music is in order.

Jenn made today's Sunday Spin picks, and the theme is soundtracks. My friend Elizabeth and I were talking about a mutual buddy one time, and how he'd been pushing a new soundtrack on me. "Yeah, he's the kind of guy who has a lot of soundtracks," she said. It was an indictment, as if to really say, "He can't decide which artists he likes, so he buys the sampler pack."

Occasionally the soundtrack transcends, though, as in the case of the formative Disc One listed below. So anyway, here's the lineup for today's shuffle:

* "Music from the Motion Picture Pulp Fiction": I'm already anticipating the Maria McKee track.

* "The X-Files": The movie soundtrack, not the show. The show was better than the movie, but the music is better from the movie soundtrack. There's William Burroughs with REM performing "(STAR) Me Kitten," for instance.

* "Hedwig and the Angry Inch": Fantastic film. Classic. Go rent it, so long as you're not squeamish about gender roles and musicals. Hell, go rent it even if you are.

* "Until the End of the World": Wim Wenders head ain't right. This is a pretty good show, but really long. And the music -- U2's anthemic theme especially -- is better than the movie, I think.

* "William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet": Claire Danes is purty.

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