13 August 2007

Things I've missed, things I'll miss

I left town before "The Simpsons Movie," "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Rush Hour 3" were released. Looking forward to catching up at the theater. At least with the first two of those...

The new Okkervil River disc is also out, and luckily it's on eMusic, so I can download it without breaking the pact. In fact, that's what I did at 5 a.m. this morning, after I finally woke up. I know some fans have come out and said they don't dig the record. But I like it so far. I must confess, though, that I'm horribly prejudiced by the fact that the final track swings into a cover of "Sloop John B" -- the old West Indies folk song popularized by the Kingston Trio, and the Beach Boys' cover is probably my favorite song by that band. I am a little concerned that, on some songs (most notably "If It Kicks") that Will Sheff sounds like he's trying to sing pretty. That's what marked the start of the decline of the Old 97's, too. But it's not too late for a course correction. Get back to bleating, Will. I'll take ragged imperfection over silky smooth, any day. The band will be on Conan on Aug. 28, by the way, and they're playing at Athens' venerable 40 Watt on Oct. 3.

Trying to figure out the forum for some of my more serious thoughts about the vacay to Cambodia. ... Meanwhile, I'll miss the Third World's pidgin English quirks, like reading "Lunch & Drinner" on menus and "thanks you" on hotel room door notices. One of my favorite things was looking at the two wall mounted fans in our guesthouse and seeing that one proudly carried the "Sanzyo" brand name. The other was a "Tochiba."

Look in the paper tomorrow for a column that's loosely about the beach we spent some time at, on the Gulf of Thailand.

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