04 August 2007

Third World beverages

Angkor Beer is pretty good stuff. The equivalent of a Bud back home, I think. But the sneaky bastards have a cheap beer called Anchor Beer just to prey in the poor tourists who can't enunciate their Khmer properly, I guess. Anchor is the Shlitz of Cambodia. Tiger Beer gets you up into premium territory. You can also get Japanese Asahi here, but they've not really heard of Sapporo or Kirin, curiously.

We discovered fruit punch flavored Fanta yesterday. It's the Inca Kola of Cambodia. Bubblegum sweet. Mmmmmmm.

On the more adult side, the bar at the hotel where we stayed at last night in Phnom Penh featured a drink called the Raging Temple, which featured vodka, fruit punch, Red Bull and -- seriously -- Viagra. For adults with strong hearts only, it boasted. We decided to change hotels today.
I really will post some serious, meaningful thoughts on the trip at some point. But probably not until Internet is free.


bandit said...

Wow. I wish I hadn't been neutered.

Annie Addington said...

Enjoying the updates from your adventure. Glad you're still alive and able to imbibe. Will came into the kitchen after catching Rob reading your first post, and said, "Mom, Jenn is in Bodia."
Did dad tell you Jenn is in Cambodia? I ask.
"Yes. You remember we met them at the concert?"
"She likes Bodia. Brad likes it there too."
So I'm glad to hear, via Will, that you're enjoying your travels. I'm a bit stir-crazy back here and pretty darn jealous.