06 August 2007

Third World foods

We're on the southwest coast, now, in what would be considered the resort area of Cambodia. Our room is running us a cool $10 a night. Two of our traveling buddies are getting by for $5, but they're doing without hot water and air co. So we're living large, I guess. The bar across the street is right on the water, and I discovered Pastis, a hard-to-find (stateside) anise liquor that's sort of a faux absinthe. Mmmmm, licorice.

The food's been wonderful. Nice combination of native dishes like the sweet fish amok, Thai cuisine, and American standards. Had a pretty good burger the other night, when I wanted a taste of home. (The cows appear leaner here. Go figure.)

Most unusual meals:

* Barbecued tarantula. Seriously. I'd read about them before coming over here, and a bunch of us bought them in one of the markets to try. Actually pretty tasty, except for the bulgy abdomen sac at the back end. That was kind of like chicken liver.

* Silkworms. Also seriously. We toured a traditional silk manufacturing shop, and the guide encouraged me to try one of the silk worms, which are boiled along with the cocoons in the processing of the silk. "Like coconut!" he said gleefully. ... Uh, not like coconut. Like slimy, hot worm. Avoid eating these. The locals also eat dog, but not as often as you might think. And it's yet to appear on any menu.

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Maggie&Bandit said...

Yuk to the big spider.
But hey, I LIKE worms, and my time outdoors is often well spent digging for them. I always knew you were kind of wimpy about slimy things. It's ok, though, worms aren't for everyone.
I'll bet Aunt Jenn likes them, because she likes good protein.

And, we've started a blog: lowdogworld.blogspot.com.
You've inspired us, and Maggie's been looking for a way to express herself more creatively.