23 August 2007

Wiped out

When it comes to consumption of toilet paper, just like in everything else, America apparently leads the way. Go us!

According to this AP story on the unveiling of a new electronic t.p. dispenser, "Americans typically use twice as much toilet paper as Europeans -- as much as an arm's length each pull." This new dispenser will issue just five squares when the user reaches for paper. Two-ply, at least, we hope. ... Now, when I was in 'bodia (thanks Will!), spray-nozzle bidets were all the rage. But most guesthouse bathrooms offered toilet paper dispensers too -- provided you bought your own roll of paper. But that's neither here nor derriere.

What's frustratingly not clear from the device's illustration, shown at right, is whether the roll delivers the paper overhand or underhand, which might have helped us answer that age-old question once and for all.

"Toilet Tisha, damn we miss ya
Toilet Tisha is the issue
Damn we miss ya
Toilet Tisha
Damn we miss ya"
-- OutKast, "Toilet Tisha"


jenn said...

I take (t)issue with that. Bidet use is a privilege, not a right. If you can't figure out how to spray more of your own seat than the toilet seat, then grab an armful of toilet paper. Ain't nothing worse than a case of Third-World-WetButt. (Case in point: the public bathroom at the Okay Guesthouse in Phnom Penh)

Brad Barnes said...

Hey, there's a reason they tile the walls and the floors, *and* build a drain right into the floor...

Bandit said...

This is all very confusing.