19 September 2007


Had some color in my face last night, for the first time in days. And more importantly, I had an appetite. Jenn sweetly offers to make something with fresh vegetables, since all I'd been eating is rotisserie chicken and soup. I was craving something green.

She roasts some sliced tomatoes with parmesan cheese on top, cooks up some corn, and puts some broccoli in the oven to bake. Only she's doing the broccoli bit from memory instead of pulling out the recipe. ... We tried it after what she thought was the proper amount of time, and it was still crunchy. So back in the oven with it. Twenty minutes later, still crunchy. Back in the oven. Twenty more minutes later, it's uh, on the other side of crunchy now. Charred is the word, maybe. Singed a bit. I rinse down some of the powder. Jenn and I are both laughing, and she vows never again to cook a dish from memory on just the second try.

I'm eyeing a small browned floret on my plate. Next to me, Sidda (the beagle mix), is watching me, mouth agape. What the hay, right? I fling it at her, she gobbles it down, and I try to offer Jenn some encouragement with, "Sidda still thinks it's good."

And that's when Sidda hacked it up with the most ungodly sound I've ever heard. A close approximation: "KWEEHCCKKK!" She's a genius of comic timing, that dog.

"She's choppin' broccoli
She's choppin' brocco-LIE-hie."
-- Dana Carvey, "Choppin' Broccoli"

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maggie&bandit said...

Please understand that, for dogs, giving the gift back can be a term of endearment. We suspect she did like it, but just didn't want to take the last bite.