26 September 2007

Cold beer. Hot rock. Expect no mercy

The War (Damn) Eagle Supper Club -- that's the venerable club's slogan in the headline -- hosts Cory Branan and the Avett Brothers in concert tonight. Branan will make a fan out of anyone who likes the wisecracking likes of Todd Snider or the Old 97's. The Avetts play intelligent pop-rock with twinges of both psychedelia and, uh, banjo. Imagine if The Band merged with "Sound Of Lies"-era Jayhawks. (Mmmmm.)

It's a $15 ticket and worth every penny. Showtime is 10:30 p.m. EDT. Get there early, before the PBR runs out, bitches.

*War Eagle Supper Club
*Cory Branan
*The Avett Brothers

"Because the angle of her cheek is the math of persuasion
First time you saw the ocean she's got tucked behind her knee
She is swallowing lightning, she is spittin' thunder
Waftin' California, reekin' Tennessee
She is waftin' California and reekin' Tennessee"
-- Cory Branan, "Miss Ferguson"


Myrna said...

What a fairy. Quit deleting posts that aren't flattering.

Brad Barnes said...

This is my house, Sandy/Myrna/Steve/Dusty/My Wife. I don't mind debate, but say something worth saying. Groundless personal insults don't fly. Save that crap for L-E.com, where we don't have enough time to delete all of the stupid personal attacks from people with tiny penises.

Brad Barnes said...

And the "tiny penis" line isn't a *groundless* personal attack. Jackass.

Peter said...

Maybe someone without a penis (such as yourself) is writing these insults.

Brad Barnes said...

It's real simple, fellas. If you don't like reading my blog, don't. I welcome you to never come back. If you wanna contest something I say, post it and we'll start a dialog.

Otherwise, just go away.