28 September 2007

Fight for your right to walk, don't run, Hot Stuff

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has just announced its potential inductees. Here's the story. Wanna feel old? Check out who's hanging out with the Dave Clark Five and The Ventures. Yep, that's Madonna, Mellencamp and the Beastie Boys. Ugh.

They'll induct five of the nine on the list. So who do you think are most worthy?:

Which Hall of Fame nominees should be inducted? (Pick 5)
Donna Summer
The Dave Clark Five
The Ventures
John Mellencamp
Afrikaa Bambaataa
Leonard Cohen
The Beastie Boys
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Dolly said...

My vote--straight up Porter Wagner. That's some ass kickin rock. Hellacool.

Maggie&Bandit said...

The Ventures are getting a raw deal. Come on.

ToLollyPolly said...

I think they should give it to the guy from the Wiggles. The one who is sick and can't perform anymore.