14 September 2007

In need of some action

Yesterday, Sorich posted a list from Cosmo of 25 skills every man should know. I scored great -- 23 outta 25, bitches. But I apparently have to learn how to patch a radiator hose and clean a bolt-action rifle to get back in right with the Man Police.

Still, I'll take 23 out of 25, when the list includes stuff like "fix a dead outlet" (done) and "rescue a boater who has capsized" (also done, although in the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that the boater in question was myself, on a little Sunfish). Just don't go telling the po-po that I can bake a mean lasagna. I'm sure that's some violation of the guy code...

Here's the list, on the Walk of Shame.

1 comment:

Bandit said...

23? Maggie was betting you'd ace it. I didn't figure you would because this type of list is always a bunch of crap, and I can make that.