11 September 2007

Park Place

There may be no such thing as "simple" geometry, but I've worked really hard to make this one simple. I've even made some diagrams to facilitate learning.

If you drive one of these...

... and you park in a parking garage, the end spaces are about the worst place you can park, in terms of making life miserable for people who drive, you know, cars or regular-sized trucks instead of land yachts. Here's a top view to illustrate the problem:

See how little space there is to get around you? Now, if you park in the middle of a row, non-behemoth sized vehicles can still get around you. It's still not easy, but it's do-able. Like so...

But I guess, if you were concerned about someone besides yourself, you wouldn't be driving something that can comfortably seat your entire family plus the Pitt/Jolie clan, when 90 percent of the time you're the only one inside your gas-drinking mobile planet. So don't be surprised if me and some friends leave you a little message in the garage tomorrow. See if you can decipher the code.

Oh, and your penis is small.


Maggie&Bandit said...

we could come over and piss on his tires if that would help.

Allison Kennedy said...

Quite creative!
And, do you know about this (unrelated topic): http://simpsonizeme.com

Brad Barnes said...

Thanks! ... and yeah, the Simpson web site is a hoot. I Simpsonized myself back yonder:


bandit said...

mom and dad did theirs. dad's looked better. mom looked like an old lady.
sadly, the site doesn't allow dogs.