25 September 2007

(Photo) Doctor Phil

Phil Wartena rocks. Not only did he create this trippy photo illustration of me, just for kicks, but he also pointed me to Animoto site for making hyper-cool photo slideshows. How does it compare to Microsoft's Photo Story 3? It's like "Pulp Fiction" compared to an episode of "Friends."

Here's a 30-second video I did with Animoto (yes, it's more Cambodia pics. So sue me. And included is a snap of the world's cutest dog, Chupuis). Animoto is free in 30-second blips, but costs money for full-length videos. But "Pulp Fiction" cost us money to see, too, remember?

Here's Wartena's photo blog. Check it out. And here's the Animoto site.

1 comment:

Philip Wartena said...

Awwweeee.... You shouldn't have :)