04 September 2007

A show that's gonna bite

Prepping some stuff for a fall TV preview package (it runs on Sunday, so look for it), I come across info on a new CBS show called "Moonlight." It's about a vampire who spends his days solving crime! And when the teaser trailer starts with quality writing like, "Being a vampire sucks," is there any hope?

Then answer is no. This show is going to be awful. And the best part is the "hero's" name: Nick St. John. ... I mean, I love vampire stories as much as the next guy. (But clearly not as much as some people.) Who's writing this stuff, eighth graders?

OK, per Wikipedia, one of the creators of "Angel" was in charge of this series' so-called creative direction. So I guess it's not even eighth graders. Ugh.

"So tell me, how come I can't see you in my mirror?
How come you never come around here in the day?
How come you start to hiss when I say my prayers
and you wear those stupid capes,
and every time you see a cross, you run away?"
Tonio K., "How Come I Can't See You in My Mirror"


Maggie&Bandit said...

Mom says we have rabid bats in the neighborhood. We think it's cool, but now that you've told us about this show, we're less excited about them if they bite.

Brad Barnes said...

lucky for me, i like garlic!

Dixie Cup said...

What in the hell are maggie and bandit? Ferrets, dogs, what? Shut up already.

Brad Barnes said...

Hey, hey. There'll be no dog-kicking in these forums, please, Mr. Vick.

(But yeah, I'd love to hear some feedback from actual people too.)