02 September 2007

Sunday Spin-offs

I've worked my arse off so far this weekend. Dog-proofing the fence with chickenwire and scraping that danged bathroom trim, mostly (but the bathroom's ready for priming, which is a huge victory). But now I've got tomorrow to lay on what's left of said arse. And today wasn't really too bad, with a selection of great discs thrown in the changer and set to random:

* Matt Costa, "Songs We Sing": Debut album from a powerful new singer-songwriter. Ashton Allen told me about this guy, I bought the disc for Jenn, and damned if I don't enjoy it as much as she does. Check him out, fellers.

* Precious Bryant, "The Truth": The warmest blues singer I know. This is her second record, and highlights are the title track and her homage to Jessica Alba, "Dark Angel." And "Morning Train," which was featured in the nympho-romp of a film titled "Black Snake Moan"

* Scott Miller & the Commonwealth, "Thus Always to Tyrants": This was his first studio release after the V-Roys broke up. It's a fantastic record, and I'm particularly fond of "Goddamn The Sun."

* Dave Sharp, "Hard Travelin'": Like Miller's, this is the first solo record by a guy best known by his former band. In this case, it's '80s-tastic act The Alarm. But Sharp (at left) put out a record that mines Dylanesque territory and is a highlight of his whole career. This guy is tragically singing in an Irish pub in New Orleans these days.

* Robbie Robertson, eponymous: OK, I guess I just realized today's theme. Robertson, of course, hails from The Band. He frickin' wrote "The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down." This is from 1987, and U2 plays guest on two of the cuts.

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Bandit said...

I had to take a bath outside today, but it's not because the bathroom's not finished. I got into too much mud and had to get a bath. Can I come help you with your new bathroom so dad will quit chasing me with the hose?