09 September 2007

Sunday Spins

Dirty Potter the Sixth is coming soon, you pervs. Just hold tight. Meanwhile, here's what I threw in the changer this morning -- as a backdrop to more home improvement and football:

* The Silos, "Cuba": A Gainesville, Fla., band that frequented Sluggo's in Pensacola when I was a 20something squirt. They're just half a step behind Jason & the Scorchers on the alt-country timeline, but their music has held up fantastically, alongside the likes of Ryan Adams, Son Volt, etc. Start with this record, then move to their eponymous major label disc. They're in Austin these days.

* Passengers, "Original Soundtracks 1": Passengers is essentially U2 with a few guests. Pavarotti's death reminded me about his guest stint on the song "Miss Sarajevo." We'll miss you, buddy.

* Tonio K., "Life in the Food Chain": Stereo Review famously called this "the greatest rock and roll record ever made" (or something like that) in 1978. It hasn't held up as well as "Cuba," but there's some terrific, funny songs, including that vampire bit I quoted a few days back.

* Cracker, "The Golden Age": I'm digging last year's "Greenland" as sort of Cracker's rebirth. But this is my favorite record of theirs. I think it's all the strings. Cue up "Dixie Babylon" and crank it up for the song's sweeping third act.

* Marlee MacLeod, "Favorite Ball & Chain": Another Sluggo's discovery. She was playing there as billed as Marlee MacLeod and the Lonesome Choir, which was an interesting enough name to snag my fivespot. Folk-tinged, rock-tinged, countryish stuff. So, "good."

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