23 September 2007

Sunday Spins

Feeling mellow after a long day working on the bathroom yesterday (there's paint on the walls now!) and a couple of Saturday parties. Here's the CD shuffle lineup:

* Pete Droge & the Sinners, "Find A Door": I love the title track, in which Droge scolds someone with the basic sentiment of "you need a hobby." Then he suggests several: "You could rescue the shipwrecked; feed all the hungry kids." This was Pete's second record, and I think it's his best.

* Jonathan Richman, "Jonathan Sings": Well, what Jonathan does is more akin to talking than singing, but it's feel-good, hyper-childlike stuff that makes me smile. This record's from '83.

*Pretenders, "The Singles": I generally lean to Pat Benatar, when it comes to '80s women. But sometimes you need Chrissie Hynde's kick in the crotch. Lazy days like today, for instance.

* Kevn Kinney, "MacDougal Blues": The drivin' n' cryin' frontman's first solo record, released in 1990, was better than any of his band's albums up to that point. Well, except maybe "Mystery Road."

* Dramarama, "Vinyl": Great late-era album by these criminally underrated fellers. I love the scathing indictment of classic rock and AOR radio stations in the song "Classic Rot."


maggie&bandit said...

Mom's been torturing us with Eric Clapton and JJ Cale. Then she switched to Elvis Costello, who we like better. We think he's better than "Cats." But what isn't?

Philip Wartena said...

See Brad's Brain on Turpentine - Click below