09 September 2007

Using our noodles

So I stumbled on a giant box of lasagna noodles at, of all places, Big Lots. Next thing I knew, I was loading them in the car. What the heck? I don't think I've made lasagna since fourth grade.

Of course, I've married a veggie-saurus since then, so we had to mod the recipe. We googled veg lasagna recipes, but many of them called for only a handful of the pasta -- or, more curiously, none. So we just used the traditional meat recipe and sauteed some eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms to stir into the sauce instead of beefs. I gotta say, it was fun laying down layers and layers of hot noodles, tomato sauce, and a mixture of ricotta, parm and egg.

It looks pretty and all. And it tasted even better. Especially with the 2004 Barbera we opened to go with it.


Maggie&Bandit said...

mom says good wine always goes with big lots.
but we don't understand: why would you pour wine on a decent piece of land?

Brad Barnes said...

if only big lots *sold* wine.

Allison Kennedy said...

when are you kids inviting us over??