22 October 2007

Appropriate use of 3,000 square feet

Wowser. Someone's got too much time on his or her hands. And I'm envious.

Can't figure out how to embed this particular movie, but follow this link and watch. It's worth it. Doesn't say who the inventor is, but is suspect his name is Wallace and/or Gromit.

Thanks Vicki and John for passing it my way.


Maggie&Bandit said...

wow. mom says we should try to figure out how to set up something that will set off a chain reaction that will make the back door open for Ernie. Why would we do that?

Brad Barnes said...

Well, I know simplicity wasn't what this contraption is about. But I bet they could've achieved the same goal with a long string. ... That said, I'm surprised Ernie hasn't found a secret entrance/exit on his own yet.

Jenn said...

Excellent use of wine bottles, I think. Pretty sure we can make something like that happen at the beach house!