26 October 2007

Berry unfortunate

Halle Berry proved again that, though beautiful and likable, she might not be too bright. (The first best evidence was her accepting the role of "Catwoman," allegedly after reading the script.) At a taping for "The Tonight Show" last Friday, she showed a computer-altered image of herself with a giant schnoz and said, "Here's where I look like my Jewish cousin."

The Spin Doctor advises her to issue the following press release:

"Ms. Berry greatly regrets insulting Jewish people with her off-the-cuff remark. She does not wish to further such superficial stereotypes. She knows, for instance, that Italian people also have giant noses."

Ed.: I decided to run a more traditional, hot picture of Halle, nabbed from this blog, which declares "Halle Berry's boobs are pregnant." Anyone who wants to see the distorted pic she showed on TV should go here.

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