29 October 2007

Cheadle in a haystack

Seems like every movie I've been to lately has featured a preview of Don Cheadle's "Talk To Me," which looks wonderful. Just kept waiting and waiting for the release.

Well the release is tomorrow. On DVD.

My first thought was, as always, "Carmike is populated with a bunch of idiots for not bringing this film here." But I guess it's not solely the chain's fault this time. The film never opened wider than 200 screens, even though it was well-reviewed, stars Don Cheadle, and has a support cast that includes Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps. What up?


Stacy said...

I love Don Cheadle. Cedric-uh, not so much.

Brad Barnes said...

Well, he's no Bernie Mac. But he's still got star power. Seems strange they wouldn't want to capitalize on that.