08 October 2007

Dr. Feelgood

I'm knee-deep in statistics on prescription drug addiction for a story, which makes this new list I just received from the fine folks at Spinner.com fitting. Or ironic. Or something.

It's a list of their 21 hardest partiers of all time, with top honors going, perhaps rightly, to Motley Crue. Their reasoning: "When they ran out of drugs, they injected Jack Daniels. When they ran out of booze, lead singer Vince Neil hopped in his car for a liquor run, crashed and killed his passenger, Hanoi Rock star Razzle. When they ran out of luck, they even died: Nikki Sixx was briefly pronounced dead after a 1987 heroin overdose."

Hendrix is notably missing, but maybe he handled himself well enough in public to get a pass. Anyway, here's the list, and commentary on the picks is here:
1. Motley Crue
2. Rick James
3. Keith Moon
4. Pete Doherty
5. Courtney Love
6. Lep Zeppelin
7. Jim Morrison
8. Ozzy Osbourne
9. Ol Dirty Bastard
10. The Rolling Stones
11. Sid Vicious
12. Amy Winehouse
13. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
14. Britney Spears
15. Iggy Pop
16. Waylon Jennings
17. Stevie Nicks
18. Scott Weiland
19. Janis Joplin
20. Van Halen
21. Poison


maggie&bandit said...

where is benavidez and kammerud on this list? wartena?
we know uncle eric must be there somewhere!

Your neighbor's cat said...

Shut those mutts up.

jenn said...

My guess is E and GMarc were the celebrity judges, so they were excluded from nominating themselves.

And to the socially stunted, intellectual half-wit who keeps posting inane comments, grow a pair and stop hiding behind anonymous names. Or better yet, stop reading the blog if you dislike it so much.

Sweetums said...

Maybe my "pair" are on my chest and not in my pants. So reactionary!

The Ref said...

Technically she didn't say where you should grow them.