05 October 2007

Food for thought...

The next Moronic Moment of the Month (brought to you, as always, by Seventeen magazine), will arrive early next week. Until then, here are a few random bits to digest:

* Microsoft announced that the new "Halo 3" video game earned $300 million in its first week of sales. IN IT'S FIRST WEEK. And that's on the second-place Xbox platform. Imagine what the next "Grand Theft Auto" title, on multi platforms, will rake in. The video gaming industry really is the new Hollywood, isn't it? Name me the last movie that earned $300M in a week...

* The RIAA won $222K from a woman who offered some 1,700 copyrighted songs on the Kazaa P2P network. That's a lot of money for music that included well, a lot of crap. Here's a good analysis of the ruling.

And here's last month's MMotM to hold you over to next week.

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