12 October 2007

Happy birthday to you

Today's my wife's birthday. She's three years younger than me, which makes her, per my Blogger profile, 97. So if you know Jenn and see her around today, or if you've ever posed as her on these message boards, wish her a happy day.

Mike Haskey took this loverly photo-magraph last year.

Todd Snider wrote the song I wish I'd written for my little hippie wife. (Except I hate Panic.)

"Conservative Christian, right-wing Republican straight, white, American male.
Gay-bashin’, black-fearin’, poor-fightin’, tree-killin’, regional leaders of sales.
Frat-housin’, keg-tappin’, shirt-tuckin’, back-slappin’ haters of hippies like me.
Tree-huggin’, peace-lovin’, pot-smokin’, porn-watchin’ lazy-ass hippies like me.
Tree-huggin’, love-makin’, pro-choicin’, gay-weddin’, Widespread-diggin’ hippies like me."
-- Todd Snider, "Conservative Christian Right Wing
Republican Straight White American Male"

1 comment:

Ponch said...

Shockingly Norman Rockwell style photo. Are you at church?!?!?!! Maybe just a candlelight vigil for a political cause?! Where? Don't keep us wondering. . . .
Happy Birthday Jenn.