23 October 2007


Because I'm old and senile, I've forgotten to post this for, like, almost two months. But here's a great lo-fi rootsy song composed and recorded by buddy Rob Addington and his co-worker Brant Slay. It's loaded with references to Ma Rainey, the 'Hooch and other regional schtuff.

Brant was half of Athens' Chickasaw Mud Puppies, if any oldtimers like me remember them. I used to see them at the venerable Sluggo's in Pensacola. It looks like Sluggo's is now a vegetarian restaurant. When I used to go, you wouldn't eat there, if you know what I mean... But they're still booking great music, like This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, Ghost Mice and David Dondero.

While I'm rambling, I should mention that Rob's wife, Annie, does this wonderful blog about motherhood. Rob and Brant both work for The Nature Conservancy, and here's where you can find their song, "Stumble on the Fall Line." (Oh, and that's the Mud Puppies in the photo, not Rob.)

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