17 October 2007

Is truthiness a defense for liability?

More importantly, did you know that Stephen Colbert has officially announced his bid for presidency? He plans to run in -- and only in -- South Carolina. As both a Democrat and a Republican. And, like every modern presidential candidate, he can build a campaign foundation on a book tour in support of his new volume, title, "I Am America (And So Can You!)"

While this is funny and all, parody is too closely imitating life when again we get the candidate who exudes disdain and smarm instead of the smart guy with the real charisma. Jon Stewart would've been the people's choice for television politicomic pundit to run for office...

So while I'm making up words, the new candidate has a year to try to transform himself into Lincolbert (above). Lincoln was one of the most democratic Republicans of all time.

Here's a 2005 bit from the New York Times on Colbert's wonderful word, "truthiness."

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