10 October 2007

Moronic Moment of the Month*

*brought to you by Seventeen Magazine

It's was a particularly crap-tastic issue of Seventeen this month. Here are the worst moments...

First Runner Up:

Go ahead, young ladies, and eat that fat-loaded, glucose-heavy box of Whoppers. You just have to make out for an hour to work it off! The magazine doesn't specify if heavy petting burns the same calories as french kissing. Better do the heavy petting just to make sure...

Second Place:

This one comes from an entire page devoted to the wonders of plastic surgery, including obvious boob job proponent Kelly Pickler. And here's a girl who was so insecure about her nose that she got a rhinoplasty at age holycraptooyoung. Doctors make you feel better about yourself! (Take it from a guy with a Springsteenesque schnoz, sister, yours wasn't bad at all.)

Most Moronic:Always running late? Need to get out of the house in a hurry? Just remember the easy acronym suggested by the morons at Seventeen: PMILK. I mean, how do you even say that? Is it "pee-milk"? (Um, ewww...) Or maybe it's "puh-milk." I think the whole point of acronyms is to turn the end word into something you can remember.

Our planet is doomed.

* September's MMotM


maggie&bandit said...

we aren't sure what acronyms are, but Bandit thinks he dug one up recently.

Bea Arthur said...

Why are you reading Seventeen Magazine? I would say something harsher but you always start crying and then shit your britches.

Brad Barnes said...

because it's fun to make fun of it. i thought that was pretty clear from the past 9 months of posts. keep up, sparky.