14 October 2007

Rear end in sight

Just got home from seeing "No End in Sight," a doc about the war in Iraq, consisting mostly of interviews with former and current U.S. officials (so mostly Republicans). Not much new, but it was incredibly sad and depressing.

I've already talked about my disappointment with Ken Burns' long WWII doc "The War." But perhaps the best thing I took away from that was about American ingenuity, as demonstrated by how we were able to ramp up equipment, supplies and weaponry for our soldiers when our nation was behind the effort. And that makes Rumsfeld look like a complete ass when he tells soldiers that the reason we can't get them armor for their Humvees is logistical, and not financial.

Not sure what the answer is over there. Columnist Joe Galloway, who honestly can be a bit of a blowhard but is the smartest former military man I know, says we have to pull out. "But what about all the damage we've done over there? What's our responsibility?" I asked. It simply can't be fixed, he said. It would be more of a disservice to stay than to leave, and the American body count will just grow if we don't.

Sorry for the rant. Sort of.

"We dont want no killing, Lord
I don't wanna see my brother die
We don't want no killing, Lord
I dont wanna to see my sister cry"
-- Violent Femmes, "No Killing"

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